HOA Golf community trends (Dec 2017)

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Communities in transition across the U.S., as golf courses and country clubs struggle to survive.

Future unknown for closed golf course in Gainesville

By Alex Koma akoma@insidenova.com Dec 14, 2017

With hundreds of houses neatly tucked along a series of quiet cul-de-sacs, the Virginia Oaks neighborhood in Gainesville is like any other upscale golf course community in Northern Virginia, except for one key difference.

There isn’t a golf course at the center of it anymore.

Though the rolling hills and tree stands once associated with the Virginia Oaks Golf Course still stand in the middle of the 563-home community just off U.S. 29, the putting greens have turned various shades of brown and weeds populate the fairways.

The course opened with the community in 1999, but its current owners shuttered it earlier this year, according to Prince William County staff, and have yet to sell the property.

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This golf course did not last even 20 years. It opened in 1999. The course is owned by a real estate developer, who has no obligation to discuss his plans with Virginia Oaks HOA. 

Wellington Village council to vote on controversial proposals for golf courses

Michelle Quesada
5:45 PM, Dec 11, 2017
6:51 PM, Dec 11, 2017

WELLINGTON, Fla. – It’s going to be a late night for the Wellington Village Council. A large crowd is expected as they debate two controversial plans impacting two very large communities.

On one side, you have the developer of Palm Beach Polo Golf and Country Club and Polo West who is trying to expand the use of land for the golf courses on the properties and add public access roads to them.

On the other side, you have homeowner associations and neighbors worried about what the land would be used for and the traffic and safety concerns that come with people accessing roads near their private country club homes.

If you live in the Golf Club Villas at the Palm Beach Polo Golf and Country Club, your home no longer overlooks a golf course.

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A developer wants to use the golf course for other sports, but some homeowners oppose those plans. 

An abandoned golf course in central Pennsylvania
Woodlands Country Club Residents Learn Fate about Golf Course

Tamarac Talk
By: Adam Baron

For the one hundred plus residents that were in attendance at the November 13th homeowner’s association meeting, the bad news fell like a ball in a sand trap: their beloved golf course would cease to be. In its place would be over 500 new homes to be built by 13th Floor Homes, a private south Florida developer which boasts of being “One of South Florida’s most experienced companies in golf course redevelopment.” Residents sat in shock as they learned that their beautiful golf course views would eventually disappear, some to be replaced with the prospect of staring into someone else’s backyard.

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Homeowners are not happy about adding boxes of “ticky tacky” on their former 36-hole golf course. 


Eagle Pointe Homeowner Assoc. Securing Golf Resort Amid Bankruptcy

Posted November 16, 2017

A U.S. trustee has been appointed to manage the Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation of assets at Bloomington’s Eagle Pointe Golf Resort.

Jeff Norris is the president of the Pointe Services Association. In a Facebook message, he said the trustee has formally directed the association to secure the property and winterize the course.

The association also was directed to change all the locks throughout the clubhouse, pro shop and other Eagle Pointe facilities.

Pointe Properties, the company that operated the Golf Resort filed for bankruptcy at the beginning of September. Doug Thomas owns Pointe Properties.

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This community in Indiana has two associations, an HOA that enforces deed restrictions and a maintenance association (Point Services Association, PSA) that takes care of roads and other private infrastructure. The PSA is planning to take over operation of the golf course, following the course onwer’s bankruptcy.  For the back story, see also: http://indianapublicmedia.org/news/court-rules-place-pointe-properties-chapter-7-bankruptcy-130997/


Highland Park’s Country Club golf course sale to park district hits snag

Karen Berkowitz
Pioneer Press

Golf operations may be ending at the Highland Park Country Club golf course on Dec. 31 under an agreement being hammered out between the City of Highland Park and the Park District of Highland Park.

But a new hurdle has emerged in the deliberations between the city and park district over the disposition of country club properties. Neither the park district nor the Legacy Club homeowners’ association wants to assume ownership of two lots near the residential development that the city is offering at no cost. The city isn’t interested in holding on to the property, either.

The City of Highland Park is preparing to sell most of the golf course property to the park district for $500,000. The park district plans to spend about $1.4 million to convert the property to natural areas and walking trails.

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In this Chicago suburb, the City of Highland Park is selling its public golf course and to a public Park District. The Park District will then convert the golf course to a nature preserve with walking trails. The City has offered two buffer lots to Legacy Club HOA. (Legacy Club HOA consists of 88 condos and 36 single family homes priced $319,000 – $762,000.) But the HOA is not interested in taking on additional common property to maintain. Who can blame them?

Notice that, when a local government recognizes that certain public amenities – such as a golf course – are underutilized and too costly to operate, it sells those assets and puts the property to better use. But the process of selling and redeveloping a privately owned golf course is exceedingly complicated, and, in some cases, nearly impossible, due to onerous covenants and restrictions running with the land. 

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