MOUNT PLEASANT — Faced with strong criticism, the property owners association in the gated Dunes West subdivision has dropped a plan to make life more difficult for residents if they or their guests were caught driving too fast.

The Dunes West Property Owners Association had planned to sanction residents by suspending the bar codes that allow them to enter the subdivision without waiting in the often lengthy security line at the guarded gate.

When the plan was announced on the association’s Facebook page, most Dunes West residents who commented on the plan were strongly opposed. Residents complained they were left out of the decision-making and were upset by the potential to be penalized for speeding by their guests. Some worried about privacy because the association planned to photograph license plates.

The plan lasted about a week.

“It has become apparent that our speeding policy, while initiated with the best of intentions, has become such a toxic subject that, even with major changes, it would never be acceptable to a large number of residents,” Board President Tom Boyer said in an April 27 letter to residents.

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