HOA, condo & co-op Golf community updates (April 2019)

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

More golf courses in transition, and several lawsuits heating up, including a lawsuit against legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus.

From golf course to active senior community (GA)

Summit Chase Country Club and Patrick Malloy Companies LLC have plans to build 257 homes for older adults, age 55 and up, on the site of an 18-hole golf course. The Country Club currently has 27 holes, and 9 holes would remain open for play.

According to the AJC, only 109 homes surround the golf course. Adding 257 homes would more than triple the population of the community. Plans for the gated community include a clubhouse, pool, tennis and other recreational areas.


Gwinnett country club golf course could become 250+ senior home
April 22, 2019
ByAmanda C. Coyne, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Special Tax District on ballot in attempt to save golf course (LA)

Some homeowners who live adjacent to Timberlane Golf & Country Club plan to vote in favor of a $1,950 annual property tax for the next ten years. They say it’s the only way to save the ailing golf course and prevent a drop in property values.

If a majority of voters approve the tax, a neighborhood improvement and beautification district will use the funds to help improve the golf course, and might even consider purchasing it and hiring new management.

But non-golfers are skeptical. Most are not in favor of subsidizing the country club lifestyle for a small minority of member who play golf.

And, if the ballot measure leads to higher taxes, that could reduce resale prices for all 500 homes in the Gretna community, especially homes that don’t have a direct view of the golf course.


Timberlane Estates looking to special tax to rescue ailing West Jefferson golf course
BY CHAD CALDER AND FAIMON A. ROBERTS III | ccalder@theadvocate.com froberts@theadvocate.com APR 9, 2019 – 7:15 PM

Lawsuit against Jack Nicklaus heats up (FL)

When homeowner and country club member Sellers questioned a land swap deal, and what he calls an unfair distribution of costs to HOA members, Nicklaus removed Sellers as HOA President, and kicked him out of the Bear Club.

Sellers is now suing Nicklaus, his Golf Club, and affiliated companies for breach of covenant, defamation, and unjust enrichment.

Nicklaus sees Bear Club as a golf course, that just happens to be surrounded by a few glorious homes. Apparently, he doesn’t think the community needs to follow the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act.

Somebody tell Nicklaus that there are many golf communities nationwide with privately owned golfing facilities. Bear Club is not unique, even it it is exclusive.


Legendary Golfer Jack Nicklaus Sued in Management Beef
March 19, 2019, By Izzy Kapnick, Courthouse News Service

Judge says Windermere owner cannot build homes on former golf course (FL)

Circuit Judge Mark Blechman ruled that Windermere Country Club owner, Bryan Decunha, cannot build 95 homes on the golf course. The court says Orange County holds development rights to the land, as it has since 1986.

Decunha closed the golf course in 2016. In 2017, he also filled in the country club swimming pool and fenced off access to the fairways. The course has gone to seed, attracting a pack of coyotes. Orange County hit the Club owner with multiple code violations.

Some of the homeowners have also filed a pending lawsuit against Decunha, alleging that he neglected the golf course to intentionally drive down property values, to force the issue of redeveloping the course with new homes.

Shuttered Windermere Country Club golf course can’t be turned into homes as developer wants
By Stephen Hudak, Orlando Sentinel
March 4, 2019 2:00 PM

Homeowners doubt future plans to restore 18-hole golf course (NM)

The West Nine Neighborhood Association reportedly reached a settlement with developer Josh Skarsgard of Land Development 2. The plan calls for restoring 18 holes of golf, in exchange for allowing the developer to build homes on another portion fo the course.

But, not long after the legal settlement, homeowners heard rumblings about Skarsgard’s plan to reduce the golf course to a 9-hole “executive course,” and build commercial property on the remaining land.

Naturally, neighbors aren’t too happy about that, because they say it isn’t the plan they agreed to.

Golf course residents question if plans still allow golf use 
Sunday, March 3rd, 2019 at 7:00am

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