Florida HOA board member arrested for firing gun to scare teens out of pool

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities    

Does anyone actually believe the HOA trade group’s PR message that HOAs create a “sense of community?” If so, today’s post might change a few minds.

You see, residents of The Village Association in Ormond Beach certainly aren’t feelin’ the love from HOA board member Richard Marcelle. The 66-year old man was arrested earlier this month, on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Police say that Marcelle fired his handgun at the ground, near three teens who were just cooling off in the community pool.

According to several reports, Marcelle approached 18-year-old Julian Johnson, a resident of the village, and two of his guests, in the community swimming pool at around 9:15 PM on April 22.

Marcelle insisted that the teens leave the pool, saying it closed at 8 PM. However, a sign posted nearby stated that swimming hours ended at 10 PM. When the boys refused to leave, Marcelle fired one shot from his handgun, into the ground.

As the boys then turned to leave the area, Marcelle reportedly followed them to Johnson’s car.


HOA board member arrested

One of the teens told his mother about what happened at the pool. She then notified Volusia County Police. The teens were able to provide authorities with Marcelle’s vehicle license tag number.

Marcelle was later arrested and identified by all three teens as the man who fired his gun that night. He’s currently out of jail on $35,000 bail.

One report says Marcelle could face up to five years in prison for his actions.

Police say the entire incident was caught on video surveillance camera at The Village swimming pool, and that the teens were not causing any trouble at the time they were approached by Marcelle.


Homeowners surprised by Marcelle’s behavior

WESH-2 news interviewed some homeowners at The Village, who couldn’t believe that their neighbor on the HOA board would ever threaten anyone, let alone teenagers.

Perhaps they prefer to believe that the board member who “does a lot” for homeowners in the community can do no wrong?

But HOA surveillance video reportedly shows that Marcelle approached the pool with gun in hand. As one of the teen’s mother’s puts it, Marcelle was “looking for a fight.”

Marcelle told police that he and other board members had changed HOA rules to close the pool at 8 PM. However, no one from the HOA had bothered to tell residents about the new schedule, and the sign had not been changed to reflect the earlier closing time for the pool.

So, how were HOA members and residents supposed to find out about the earlier closing time for the swimming pool?

That remains a mystery.

Anyway, it’s probably safe to say that several youths and their parents don’t exactly feel welcome — or safe — at The Village subdivision off of Nova Road in Ormond Beach. ♦


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