HOA members, including a deputy, school board member, accused of texting pornography

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office is investigating criminal activity among residents of an upscale planned HOA community in Cumming, Georgia. The allegations include unlawful surveillance, computer theft, trespassing, invasion of privacy, terroristic threats and pornography.

These are the shocking complaints filed against 8 residents of Pleasant Manor Estates Homeowners’ Association, Cumming, Georgia.

One of suburban Altanta’s newest communities, Pleasant Manor Estates consists of stately homes priced roughly between $300,000 to $400,000.

According to several sources, cited below, eight individuals are currently under investigation for sending text messages of inappropriate photos of their neighbors. The photos allegedly depict bodies of naked adults, with faces of some community members photo-shopped onto the images.

Once the unsavory images were discovered, homeowners filed a police report.

Homeowner victims — interviewed by local television reporters, but remaining anonymous — say that up to eight “members of the HOA” stole their facial images from social media pages, then used these to doctor up pornographic photos.

The motives behind such activity remain unclear.


Under investigation

Two prominent community members accused of criminal activity, and currently under investigation, are Wes McCall and is wife, Jakima McCall.

The couple purchased their new home in Pleasant Manor Estates in 2014, when their son was in middle school. In that same year, Wes was also promoted to Deputy Director of Public Safety for the Alpharetta Police Department.

For several years, Wes volunteered his time at his son’s school. Then last fall, he was elected to serve on Forsyth County School Board, a position he has held since December 2018.

Jakima is director of Christ the King Lutheran Preschool. She also serves as CEO of the HOA board of Pleasant Manor Estates, according to state corporate records.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office has placed Wes McCall on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of this investigation. The Sheriff’s Office hopes to complete its inquiry with a week.


Unneighborly community?

One thing is clear — someone in Pleasant Manor Estates created bogus pornographic images of residents, without their consent.

Regardless of the persons or motives behind this inappropriate activity, it’s not a flattering image for the community.

At best, such behavior reduces HOA conflicts to the level of teenagers engaged in unsavory cyberbullying. (No offense intended to teens who have the common sense and decency to avoid such outrageous behavior.)

At worst, the investigation could uncover serious criminal activity that threatens the health and safety of HOA residents, as well as children in Forsyth County.

I’ll update this post as soon as more information is made available. ♦



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