2019 top HOA issues: unreasonable, selective rule enforcement

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Some people buy into HOAs because they want rule enforcement. But homeowners usually don’t like it when their HOA goes overboard enforcing unreasonable rules, especially if the HOA is selective about cracking down on residents.

In 2019, residents of HOA, condo, and co-op communities had to abide by some very difficult parking rules and restrictions. Unfortunately, the consequence of an HOA rule banning certain types of vehicles was tragic for a young woman from New Jersey.

Plus, we know that HOA boards and managers hate to get in the middle of HOA nuisance disputes between neighbors. On the other hand, a board member with a personal pet peeve or vendetta sometimes abuses his power to strictly enforce HOA rules against his rivals.

That’s probably why IAC readers continue to share two perennial articles from the archive.

HOA parking rules can have unintended consequences

Don’t count on your HOA to enforce nuisance rules

A classic case of selective enforcement, but HOA still wins in the end

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