Podcast: new HOA bills promise Free Speech, Equal Protection for residents

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


This week, Shu Bartholomew and I discuss important new legislative activity in Arizona Senate Bill 1412 and Florida House Bill 623.

We talk about several examples of HOA, condo, and co-op legal disputes that have inspired bills to uphold Constitutional rights for all Americans, no matter where we choose to live.

The writers of the U.S. Constitution never contemplated that the housing industry would saddle millions of Americans with non-negotiable “contracts” that circumvent their inalienable rights.

An Equal Protection provision is long overdue. However, the focus should be on making unconstitutional Covenants, restrictions, rules derived from the Declaration unenforceable by HOAs AND any neighbor or other authority.

(Original broadcast, February 8, 2020. Air time, approximately 50 minutes.)



For more details on the communities and legislation we discuss in this broadcast, see the following IAC articles.

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