FL homeowners – ask your state Legislators to support bills to regulate HOAs

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities deborahgoonan@gmail.com

Legislative Alert for Florida homeowners: 

Senate Bill 1114, the companion bill to House Bill 919, will be reviewed by the Senate Regulated Industries Committee, tomorrow (April 4, 2023). Contact your state Senators and committee members, and ask them to support this bill, and any amendments that strengthen regulations of HOAs with regard to fining its members. (https://www.flsenate.gov/Committees/Show/RI/)

Short Summary of HOA regulation bills:

Both bills set limitations on a homeowners’ association board’s authority to fine owners for violations to the covenants and restrictions, or rules and regulations.  

One of the key amendments to FL Statue 720, the Homeowners Association Act, would legally prohibit fines from becoming a lien against the property. The bills also require written notice of a violation sent to the owner’s preferred address or email, as well as the owner’s tenant, if applicable.

If a property owner takes action to resolve the violation prior to the required opportunity for HOA hearing, the HOA can NOT fine the owner, or assess any legal costs to the owner. If the violation is cured within 30 days from the date the HOA fine is approved by a committee and the board, the fine is reduced by 50%, and no legal fees are billable to the owner.  

More information

To read full details of the bills, see the following reference links: 

Florida Legislative Session 2023 — Community Association Bills (ccfj.net) SB1114 

Florida Legislative Session 2023 — Community Association Bills (ccfj.net) HB919 

Click here to track HB919 and SB1114 

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