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Condo HOA reserves — Why all the controversy?

Condominium and homeowners association advocates are dismayed that Florida lawmakers have been unable to agree on legislation that would prevent another catastrophic building failure, like

Recipe for HOA abuse: too much power, no accountability

Sometimes a homeowner in a bind misses a payment or sends it a few days late. Then the HOA attorney, backed up by the HOA board, hastily files a lien on the home and penalizes the owner with fees that quickly spiral out of control.

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Your opinion, please – HOA, condo, & co-op satisfaction survey

Take this 2-minute HOA, condo, and co-op survey, and share this post with family and friends. Tell Independent American Communities if you’re satisfied with your homeowners


Texans feel the strain of high property taxes plus condo HOA fees

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities As Texans debate how to rein in high property taxes, many homeowners struggle to keep up with rising condo

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