HOA legislation updates -March 2017 (MD, UT, CA )

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities Maryland More powers for condo boards? SB 529 would grant additional power to condominium boards (councils) to amend Bylaws to allow common element restrictions for owners delinquent in payment of assessments. The Bylaw amendments would be voted on by a majority of board members, without any input from unit owners. Common elements can include amenities such as the pool or fitness room, but also shared laundry facilities and parking Continue ReadingHOA legislation updates -March 2017 (MD, UT, CA )

Progress is Possible: TX HOA Developers must now allow solar panels

By Deborah Goonan Good news today! The state of Texas just passed a new law (SB 1626) that will now allow homeowners to install solar panels, overriding any HOA developer restrictions against such modifications during construction phases. The new law applies to subdivisions of 50 or more homes. A step in the right direction, limiting control of developers over homeowners’ property rights. Source: New Texas Law Closes Loophole in Solar Panel-HOA Guidelines FOX2 News