Our Canadian neighbors in Saskatchewan have created an online Condo resource


Commentary posted by Deborah Goonan:

The question is, why can’t any state government in the USA create a similar online consumer resource? While Saskatchewan reportedly now has about 1600 Condo corporations, at least 30 states in the US have 2,000 or more Associations. According to Community Associations Institute’s most recent 2014 statistical estimates, totals for the top five states with the greatest number of Association-Governed Communities are:

  1. Florida 47,100
  2. California 43,275
  3. Texas 19,400
  4. Illinois 18,250
  5. North Carolina 13,600

Those totals include Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Cooperatives, but 42-45% represent Condo Associations. With those kinds of numbers, nearly every state in the nation ought to have online resources for Condo and Homeowners’ Associations, as well as Cooperatives. 

My Canadian readers can let me know what they think about this new Condo information system. 

Originally posted on the REMI Network in CondoBusiness

Monday, July 6, 2015 

The uptick in high-rise home ownership in Saskatchewan over the last decade has prompted the provincial government to develop a new online condo resource.

Specifically, the Ministry of Justice’s Office of the Public Registry Administration has compiled information to help answer common questions. Information covers topics such as insurance, condo conversion, dispute resolution and pet ownership, among others.

“There is strong support for an online resource in the condominium sector,” said Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant. “Our government is committed to a citizen-first approach by making sure this information is easy to obtain and answers frequent questions that arise in the condominium community.”

Preview, read article here:

Saskatchewan introduces online condo resource

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