Acts of kindness make for a true sense of community


by Deborah Goonan

This heart-warming story stands in stark contrast to the ones we usually hear about in HOA-Land. That’s probably because this story is about a neighborhood without a Homeowners’ Association to “protect” property values through strict enforcement of numerous rules and restrictions. You know, rules like, “don’t paint your backyard swing set purple, without first getting permission from the Board” and other utter nonsense.

This is the story of one man who decided to help out his neighbor by organizing 100 community volunteers to repaint the home of 75-year old Leonard Bullock. The local hardware store even donated the paint. You must see the before and after photos, but, more importantly, read about a real community where folks come together to help a neighbor, rather than condemn him for ruining their property values. These people have their priorities straight.

Josh Cyganik, thank you for being a great community leader. I would love to move to your neighborhood in Pendleton, Oregon.

Community Comes Together To Repaint Man’s House After Teens Laugh At It

One good Samaritan asks for help on Facebook, and about 100 volunteer.

Ryan Grenoble
News Editor, The Huffington Post

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