HOA fees must be paid, even in the event of board misconduct

Shared By Deborah Goonan,

Independent American Communities Blog


I’m sharing two related reports about North Rose Towne Houses Improvement Association in Mount Clemens, Michigan. The earlier report outlines a lengthy list of owner complaints, from poor maintenance services to avoiding an annual election to allegations of embezzlement.

Mount Clemens homeowners make allegations against association



The more recent report confirms that homeowners cannot withold assessment payments, even in the face of obvious malfeasance or incompetence of the HOA Board. In this case, the homeowner paid assessments into an escrow account, so the judge ruled she did not have to pay attorney fees to the HOA. That really irks the HOA attorney.

Disgruntled homeowners association resident ordered to pay fee

Thanks to Macomb County Court Reporter, Jameson Cook.



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