Ohio man arrested on charges of HOA embezzlement

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities Blog


Another week, another report of HOA theft and embezzlement.

Branche “Bud” Jordan, 66 years old, of Middlefiled, OH, faces theft charges. He is accused of taking over $60,000 from Grenelefe Country Homeowners Association, Haines City, Florida, while he served on the board as President and Treasurer. Jordan owns two properties in Grenelefe HOA.

Investigators have verified that Jordan wrote over 30 checks to himself from the HOA account, and then used the money to pay his mortgage and other personal expenses.

Board members Ed Rezek and Tom Broadaway picked up on suspicious activity and filed a report with the Polk Country Sheriff in December 2014.

Grenelefe Country HOA is a golf and tennis, resort-style community with a mix of condos, townhouses, and single family homes, located close to Orlando-area theme parks.

The report in Ledger.com does not mention the name of a management company for the HOA.

Mr. Jordan is scheduled to appear in Polk County court on Tuesday November 10th.

Details available here:
Ex-HOA pres. arrested in Polk County

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