The evolution of a failed condo association

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In contrast to the previous post about a luxury condo with a robotic parking garage, this Orlando Weekly article by Erin Sullivan provides an excellent summary of the history and demise of a modestly-priced lakefront condo community developed in the 1970s.

I’ve written about Tymber Skan before, but this article provides eye-opening photos and details that have not been reported elsehwere.

What does the future hold for Tymber Skan, Orlando’s most troubled condo complex?

By Erin Sullivan

It’s strangely quiet as the morning sun climbs over the weedy palm trees and tall oaks behind the buildings of Tymber Skan on the Lake condominiums.

Right around the corner, other apartment complexes and condo communities are waking up. Kids walk to school and adults wait in bus shelters for the Lynx to whisk them off to work. Impatient drivers race down Texas Avenue on their way to wherever.

The streets of Tymber Skan, though, are dead. Nobody is outside. There are no kids in sight. Most of the buildings look abandoned. Some seem like they’re about to collapse. Holes have rotted through the decayed gray siding in one. The wood framing on the second story of another is visible from the street, because the siding and drywall has somehow gone missing. The windows have been smashed out of many of the buildings, but most are simply boarded up. A lot of the ones that aren’t have burglar bars – or, in one case, the metal frame from a toddler’s bed – nailed over them to keep intruders out.

Full article here:

What does the future hold for Tymber Skan, Orlando’s most troubled condo complex?


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