HOA board fed up with aggressive management company

Shared by Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Thanks to Ward Lucas, Neighbors at War, for making me aware of this story out of Nevada. It illustrates why we need consumer protection against over-zealous community management companies.

Note that First Service Residential is a BIG company that offers a full array of related services, including their very own collections firm, Red Rock Financial Services. Conflict of interest? You decide.

Las Vegas Horror Show

Las Vegas HOA Horror Show

Link to KTNV video


My favorite snippets from this report:

The HOA was so thrilled to get rid of their management company that they actually framed the letter to First Service Residential terminating their service.

…First Service Residential threatened to sue the HOA for libel and slander if this story was put on the air.

“They’re using strong arm tactics to scare homeowners into having to hire an attorney to fight it out or put you in a position where you just say, ‘I give up,’ ” said HOA Vice President Marco Clarke.

Clarke nearly lost his home several years ago due to fines for problems with his front yard.

“It felt like a shakedown.  That’s the best way to put it.”

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