Atlanta HOA fighting over transparency, election

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Another day, another homeowners’ association conflict. Today it’s Cobblestone Community HOA, Cobb County, Georgia.

Blake Kenya has been HOA President for many years. Homeowners are concerned about finances for their Association-Governed residential community. They asked to see copies of financial documents. But, according to homeowners, Kenya has been less than forthcoming with details, and wants to charge $100 to provide access to official HOA documents.

That doesn’t sit well with homeowners like Merinda Hutchings Donovan. She organized a meeting at the nearby public library, to discuss how to oust their current Board President and elect some new board members. It seems there has not been an election for many years. It also appears there are currently only two board members, but three board members are required by their Bylaws.

Of course, the intimidation tactics have escalated. Kenya circulated a flyer calling the owner-led meeting a “scam,” and he even called the local police. (no charges have been filed)

Another owner, 15-year HOA resident Stephen Green, says he didn’t pay this year’s association dues in protest. Of course, readers of this blog know that HOA assessments, like taxes, are mandatory, not optional. The HOA has already placed a lien on Green’s home, placing him at risk of losing his home to foreclosure.

The HOA attorney appears to be backing up the HOA Board. Guess who is paying for those legal fees? Why, that would be all of Cobblestone’s homeowners, of course.


HOA Community Tries to Oust President

– “Why don’t you show up to the meetings with all the people? We’re trying to vote you off,” yelled a homeowner to the HOA president.

And that right there sums up the friction between the Cobblestone Community’s homeowners and their association president Blake Kenya.

“We have had practically no voice, and we want to bring everything back to the community,”
homeowner Merinda Hutchings Donovan told her neighbors.

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