Is there hope for worst condos in America?

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


I’ve blogged about Brannon Hill condos previously. Finally, local TV media is beginning to broadcast the tragic story of this miserable failure of a condo association.

The entire place is unsafe, and should have been condemned years ago. Immigrant owners who bought into the American Dream, thinking they were buying an “affordable” home, are now stuck with a slum of burned out buildings wracked by violent crime and countless safety and environmental hazards.

Owners and tenants are interviewed by WTOC, and recount how they have been paying assessments for years to allegedly corrupt condo association managers that don’t even live in Brannon Hill.

Conditions just continue to deteriorate, and the few remaining owners have seen no services in exchange for their money. They ask for help from DeKalb County and the City of Clarkston.

Meanwhile, two county commissioners are at odds over what to do about awful living conditions and numerous code violations, not to mention unpaid water bills. Let’s hope they can work together to start cleaning up Brannon Hill and assist remaining owners and residents in finding alternate housing.

I looked up the documentary referenced by WTOC.

I can honestly say that Part 1 of this film brought tears to my eyes. The idea that anyone lives here is horrifying.

Owners want help, but it’s unclear what can be done to save Brannon Hill at this point. Several local non-profit organizations are offering to help.

Documentary Part 1: Worst Neighborhood in America



Part 2: Community organizations offering assistance


Here’s what eventually happened:


Crews demolishing what many call ‘worst neighborhood in America’

(Dec. 10, 2017, CBS 46 News)



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