NV villa homeowners upset about HOA fee increase

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Assessment increases at HOAs and condo associations are very common, especially as communities mature and infrastructure begins to wear out.

Other reasons for assessment increases:

  • disaster rebuilds, when many costs are not fully covered by insurance
  • legal liabilities as a result of lawsuits involving the association
  • construction defects
  • utility rate increases

KTNV reports on a Nevada HOA and its owners, most of them retired and living on a fixed income.

Rising HOA fee angers northwest community


A few notable comments:

The management company claims that higher water utility rates are to blame for monthly assessment increases. But I was left wondering how that translates to a 180% increases in “plumbing” costs. Are there leaks in the plumbing, making repairs necessary?

Why does the homeowner interviewed think that renters are to blame for assessment increases?

When the management company began replacing grassy lawns with  artificial turf, to save money on utilities, some owners objected. Are owners divided over the issue of saving water and money?

Very few of the homeowners are willing to show their faces on camera or, reportedly, to show up at an HOA meeting. The reason homeowners cite for lack of involvement: fear.

That brings up a critical question. Why are owners afraid to speak up?



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