Golf course cannot survive without HOA to pay for it

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


All over the US, golf courses have fallen on hard times. There just aren’t enough avid golfers to play on the oversupply of golf courses.

Unfortunately, homeowners who live in golf communities have very limited control over what will become of their golf game and their golf course views after the business owners decide to sell the land to someone else.

Worse yet, the homeowner who does not play golf might be forced to pay to sustain the course for other people who do regularly play.

For example, read the following article about Stoneridge Parkway and Silverstone Golf Club in Nevada.  Even though only a small percentage of homeowners actually use the course, if other homeowners want to keep their green, open space, they will likely face increasing assessments to help subsidize the golf course.

Think of if as “Pay even if you don’t Play.”


Silverstone Golf Club Initial Studies Completed by Stoneridge Parkway LLC


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