CT HOA failed to inform owners about lead, bacteria in drinking water

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Arrowhead by the Lake Condominium Association supplies its own water with two wells. Chuck and Cindy Tutalo have lived in the quiet lake community in Wolcott for 15 years.

They recently discovered that their drinking water has tested for high levels of lead, antimony, and bacteria. And that information was not immediately disclosed to owners and residents. According to the report, the Association has known about water contamination for years, but owners just learned about it in October 2015, when the Department of Health issued an order for Arrowhead Lakes to clean up its water supply.

According to the DPH statement cited in the report linked below, the water is now safe at the source (the wells). However, corrosion of lead solder in old pipes continues to contaminate water entering some of the units.

Arrowhead Lakes must now also address repair of corroded pipes leading to condo units.

Wolcott neighbors worried about contaminated drinking water



What’s not reported in the story: the fact that condo owners will likely be responsible to repair or replace plumbing that supplies each individual unit.

And let’s hope the Association has sufficient reserves to cover this common expense.

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