Construction Defect litigation: even when you ‘win’ you lose

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

The Shattered American Dream

Imagine a 7-year legal battle waged by you and your neighbors against the developer of your golf community. During that time, your home continues to sink into soft soil, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

You and your neighbors accumulate millions of dollars in legal expenses.

You cannot sell your home, because of the extensive damages. You cannot afford to walk away and pay for a new place to live.

Incredibly, you cannot even speak publicly about your ordeal, because the court has issued a gag order.

And, in the end, when you prevail in the lawsuit, the amount awarded to each homeowner falls far short of the cost of extensive repairs, let alone the legal bill.

This is a story that is repeated all across the nation. Homeowners lose their life savings and their good health because of poorly constructed, unsafe, or unhealthy housing. Most of them are mass-produced in planned communities or as multifamily condominiums.

But developers, home builders, construction companies and others responsible for this catastrophe are not held fully accountable. After the insurance payoffs, they simply move onto the next development. Large-scale developers rely on sales volume to more than offset those legal settlements.

Construction Defect attorneys collect their massive legal fees, and move onto the next lawsuit.

But homeowners are often left financially devastated and emotionally exhausted.


Homeowners Left With Sinking Houses Finally Allowed To Tell Story

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