CA HOA vs. Water Service Co., homeowners caught in the middle

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Now that portions of the state of California are easing up on watering restrictions, the Rio Vista Community Association has threatened to fine homeowner Benjamin Adams $100 for having brown spots in his lawn. Adams says that brown spots persist in spite of the fact that he is watering three times per week on his designated days.

Rudy Valles, Jr.,  California Water Service Company director, says California law prohibits HOA threats to fine when conservation measures are in effect for the state.

According to 23ABC reporter Jessica Harrington, the California state penalty when an HOA unjustly fines a homeowner is a $500 fine imposed upon the HOA.

How ironic.

After all, when the HOA is fined, members still pay indirectly through assessments. When the HOA oversteps its boundaries on the issue of wasting water, homeowners lose no matter what they do.

Seems that California has created the Feud of the Fines under this crazy arrangement.


23ABC Investigates: HOA warns residents of potential fines for dead lawns, CA water board disagrees

Jessica Harrington

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