FL HOA defies state law on solar panels

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Solar Panels

It seems to me that more and more homeowners are simply fed up with unreasonable homeowners associations. And we’re seeing more media coverage of HOA Board members that think it’s okay to completely ignore state law, practically daring the homeowner to sue.

Today’s example: President Conrad Tkac of California Club Homeowners Association. According to a WSVN Channel 7 report from Miami, Tkac has threatened to sue homeowner Pablo Vasconcelos if he installs solar panels on the sunny side of his home’s roof.

The HOA President, backed by the HOA attorney, insist that Vasconcelos must place solar panels on the flat portion of the roof, which happens to be on the shady side of his home. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Yes, hiding your solar panels from view is yet another stupid HOA rule, but stupid HOA rules are certainly not uncommon.

That’s why Florida law says that HOAs must work with homeowners to place solar panels where they will actually function properly, even if that means they won’t be entirely hidden from curbside view.

But do you think that will convince California Club HOA board President Tkca to just relax, and not obsess over where the solar panels are installed on his neighbor’s roof?

Not a chance. Tkac is apparently unwilling to cooperate. And Vasconcelos says he is willing to sue the Association so that justice may be served.

Homeowners, prepare for a special assessment, so that the HOA President can fight his personal battle in the war to Protect Property Values.

Here’s the video coverage, and check out the Attorney’s advice:


Solar Panel Showdown

Patrick Fraser | Ambar Rodriguez

(WSVN) – A showdown over solar panels in a South Florida community. One man says he was trying to save money, but says his homeowner’s association gave him a hard time. So he called Help Me Howard With Patrick Fraser.

(Atty.) Howard Finkelstein: “Pablo needs to legally go after the association, and when he wins — and I think he will win — the association will not only have to pay their attorney’s fees, they will have to pay Pablo’s attorney’s fees, as well any costs he incurs.”

Read more, VIDEO



I’d say HOAs provide job security for attorneys! The list of possible diputes is endless, although this is one case where the homeowner seems to have the law on his side – for a change.



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  1. I lived in a suburban development of large homes where there was a covenant that you could not have a clothesline (for hanging out the wash). Besides saving energy I love the smell of clothes dried by nature. Eventually moved, too many snooty neighbors.

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