KC Star continues its Special Report on HOAs

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


The HOA dilemma: Real change begins with education and awareness.


Just in time for the holiday break, Kansas City Star has published an update to their HOAs from Hell series. Judy L. Thomas tells me that, since the original HOA series appeared in August, her email has been inundated with horror stories. I don’t doubt it, as I receive my fair share of messages from frustrated owners and residents through this website.

Today’s article from KC Star online highlights just a few of the hidden risks faced by homeowners and residents of Association Governed Communities:

  • Draconian enforcement of unreasonable covenants, restrictions, and rules
  • Alarming frequency of theft and fraud in HOAs
  • The lack of meaningful oversight and regulation of the HOA industry

From charging thousands of dollars in fines to a disabled Veteran over the placement of his trash can (and posing the threat of foreclosure), to insisting that every homeowner use the exact same window blinds with dangerous cords that can strangle small children, an increasing number of HOAs continue to take extreme positions on enforcement of their rules.

Anyone following the news or this blog knows there are countless other examples of HOAs that go too far, resulting in abuse of power and causing undue stress and hardship for owners and residents over petty rules. In some cases violence and even loss of life is the tragic result. In many cases, owners end up losing their homes or draining their bank accounts on protracted litigation in one-sided, David vs. Goliath court battles.

Financial crime and corruption in HOAs has become so common that I have resorted to combining reports in monthly Roundup blogs. And it’s not surprising, when you consider the lack of transparency in most Association Governed Communities.

The legislative season begins in many states at the start of a new calendar year. I am already hearing from consumer and homeowner groups across the U.S. Several states are working on legislative proposals, or resubmitting proposals from previous years. I’ll be posting status updates as they become available. If you are working on legislation in your state, County, or City, you can let me know about it by contacting me with a private email through the contact form on this blog. (Look for the “private email” form on the sidebar or near the bottom of the page if you’re using a mobile device.)

Real change begins with education and awareness.



HOAs from hell: more horror stories, more fraud — and prospect of legislative action


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  1. Norman McCullough December 23, 2016 — 11:40 am

    The State of Nevada has tolerated legal abuses against it’s citizens and ignored unlawful activities committed by my HOA in Henderson,NV. In fact I was told by an employee of the Nevada that was made aware of unlawful activity that even if it was unlawful at the time it was committed, it is “too late ” to do anything about it. Here any HOA can merely withhold any incriminating documents until the Statute of Limitations kicks in.

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