Ahwatukee homeowners not buying into the concept of community farm

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

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I cannot say I am surprised by the following report. Opposition is mounting for a proposal to transform one of Arizona’s massive planned golf communities, Ahwatukee, to a community based farm.

What is it that possesses an elite group of real estate developers and community planners to follow the latest lifestyle fads?

We can already see how well the Golf Community fad has worked out. Less than a generation after its heyday, interest in golf has waned. At the same time, maintaining a healthy, lush golf course has become outrageously expensive, especially in the middle of the desert or on the site of former wetlands.

The oversupply of golf course communities has resulted in reduction in course sizes, as well as course closures. And with every downsized or abandoned golf course, hundreds or even thousands of property owners are sucked into heated controversy over whether or how to redevelop golf course land.

What makes the HOA industry so confident that Common Interest Farm communities  – also know as Agrihoods – will fare any better in 10 -20 years?

3 HOA boards join fray over Ahwatukee Farms, open spacE

By Paul Maryniak, AFN Executive Editor | Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 6:00 am

The fight over whether Ahwatukee Farms threatens Ahwatukee’s open space intensified last week as representatives of three homeowners association boards condemned the plan and the developer said it “subscribes to their vision” for the community.

“We oppose the current development plan for the Lakes. We believe the homeowners immediately surrounding the Lakes, who are members of the Save the Lakes organization, have a right to preserve their open space,” the three HOA board members said in a letter.

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2 thoughts on “Ahwatukee homeowners not buying into the concept of community farm

  1. Unfortunately, it takes “money” to beat the Developers and the City – We can stick to our “values” but it is the agencies with unlimited funds that “get what they want”. Stay tuned…..

  2. Good for them!!!! It is about the homeowners view and values not another concept driven by a developer. Stick to your values to preserver your home values for open space for natural habits that will be a win win for these homeowners. Don’t let a bully developer tell you how to run your community.

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