When these HOA members got involved, they got sued

1 thought on “When these HOA members got involved, they got sued

  1. Actual homeowner (?), very few run their HOA’s 100%. What I have found almost 9 to10 cases it is your management company who run’s and dictates your HOA. If you have a developer or homebuilder still involved in your HOA will my dears you get a double whammy by way and through your management company and if that developer or homebuilder brings in that management company all betting are off, no you will never have control of your community or complex. So why on earth are these communities called “Homeowners Association” it’s the appeal to people who buy into these communities, it’s a great selling pitch “Homeowners Association” thereby giving the buyer a false since that the actual homeowners do run their association.

    Now you have actual homeowners who truly want to be respondable in the care of their community/complex to truly bring these communities under their control and watchful eyes, but sad to say again this is not the case for many HOA communities, due to the fact that many of these homeowners are not that well educated thus these firms that manage your communities can take full advantage of their vast education trained by HOA attorneys to control your association, budget (cash flow) and with the each states laws that is in place right now all of you are easy prey by a predator who are well versed in how to circumvent the laws and even the very by-laws and articles of incorporation all done by well trained HOA attorneys who are also at the root of this magnificent deception.

    Those that do stand up and faced with all kinds of obstacles, so how does a homeowner faces these obstacles it Is not and will not be easy, but start by using their very own tactics and strategy laws/by-laws/articles of incorporation against them. Use the same tactics they use, after all they’re the ones who brought it up in the first place, did they not it is called for a lack of visional meaning “Reverse Engineering Law”, it has worked very well in most cases but understand each case brings its own problems understand the scope of work, write it down keep your focus on the main issues do not take too much on at one time it’s like a cake take one slice at a time, after al isn’t that what this HOA industry is doing they have had years to formulate those tactics.

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