100-year old woman evicted to allow for condo conversion

Update: Local tenant advocates protest eviction of 100-year old woman.
ABC7 Video:

Independent American Communities

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Outrage of the week – Owners of a San Francisco 6-unit building in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco are fighting to evict 100-year-old resident Iris Canada from the apartment she has called home for 50 years. The owners – Stephen Owens, Peter Owens and Carolyne Radishe – are in the process of a converting the building from rent-controlled apartments to a condominium association.

Housing advocates in San Francisco say the neighborhood is in the midst of gentrification, where long-time residents are being evicted and priced out of the neighborhood, to make way for upscale housing.

This is the second attempt to oust Canada in less than a year.

In April, a Judge granted Canada a lifetime estate, allowing her to remain in her rent-controlled apartment for $700 per month for the remainder of her life. However, at the time, the Judge also ordered…

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