One Reply to “Have HOA planned communities destroyed unity of our cities?”

  1. The bond issue was about fire and police station with the comment that there were going to be a lot more homes built and the new stations were needed. I could not get an answer as to what impact fees are being charged to the developers for these new areas as that should cover the cost of the stations. I think that having central fields is good but I would be concerned about kids biking to them with the high speed limits on many of the roads. The Surprise baseball fields should be able to be used much of the year. The swimming pool would be nice to have but 10,000,000 dollars sounds like a lot as I have been involved in a pool building in Washington that was inside a building and it did not cost near as much. I feel when I got calls from the fire department current and retired people that they were trying to get more jobs and overly fancy buildings.


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