Reader poll on HOAs imposing fines


2 Replies to “Reader poll on HOAs imposing fines”

  1. HOA boards that do not have experience with HOA boards often have control issues. They do not realize they are supposed to have the homeowners interests first.
    My HOA fined me $200 for not filling out a form for a violation, the violation was corrected an proof was sent by email with pictures but I didn’t fill out their “form”, will not fill out their form as I followed their instructions.
    So I am going to be punished and pay!
    This is wrong and dictatorial, often reasonableness goes out the window with these people-that is wrong. Their ability to “fine’ owners should be regulated and limited. Advantage within reason should be with the owner-not the association.
    Fines should not be punitive and only issued as a last resort not the first.


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