Dammeron Valley HOA board not acknowledging recent exit of members?

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

It never ceases to amaze me when an entrenched HOA board member insists upon going against the will of the people.

I wrote about Dammeron Valley, Utah, a few weeks ago. At that time, three additional subdivisions had voted to exit from the 40-plus year old Landowners Association. Seven other subdivisions voted on the issue of removing themselves from DVLA, but lacked sufficient votes for a quorum.

However, as posted by administrators of the DV Exit website, three exiting subdivisions – Homesteads, Farms, and Farms 2-A owners continue to receive DVLA assessment invoices from Monarch management company, according to DV Exit Initiative.

And, according to Sharon Johnson of Dammeron Valley, as of June 14, 2017, following the recent DVLA Exit vote, two of three members on the Dammeron Valley Landowners Association (DVLA) board had resigned. But remaining board member, AB Johnson, promptly appointed two new board members.

According to the News section of DVExit.info:

NEW: One remaining Board Member appoints new Board Members
June 20,2017
DVLA members report, that AB Johnson, after he resigned, did not accept his own resignation.
Instead, he appointed secretly 2 new Board Members without informing or requesting any support from the DVLA membership at large. While this action raises concerns in the Dammeron Community, DVLA members are still waiting for an official clarification on the Board Member issue, the distributed letters and wrongly issued invoices by Monarch, and an official acknowledgement of the subdivisions that exited last month.

NEW: DVLA is ruled by just one remaining Board Member
June 13, 2017, Dammeron Valley
Two of three remaining board members just resigned. The DVLA Board now consists of just one (1) single Board Member, AB Johnson.

Whereas some residents think, the resigning board members showed great personal integrity by disassociating themselves from a dysfunctional organization, others remain skeptical, since AB , one of the key figures in the two DVLA lawsuits, may be litigious and would bring another lawsuit against the DVLA. This time against our own neighbors.

It was reported by numerous residents, that Monarch (the property management company) has not yet received clear directions from the Board in regard to their recent uncontrolled billing campaign, nor the official recognition of the exit status of the Homesteads subdivision. Instead, according Marie R., a Monarch representative, the property management takes directions directly from Mr. Pace’s attorney. Meanwhile, residents of all subdivisions expressing their concerns.

If you feel, that our neighbors in ‘Homesteads’ deserve some peace of mind, and would like to show your kind support, please contact AB Johnson, and drop him a line:abjj2255@gmail.com



It appears that the official Dammeron Valley Landowners Association website has not been updated to reflect recent events. In fact the website still contains information about the 2017 DVLA election that was held in May of 2017.



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