HOA security guard assaults resident of FL gated community

Former Allied Universal Security guard Joseph Golden arrested, out on bail

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Community

Last Saturday, according to a report on NBC2, a resident of the Sandoval neighborhood in Cape Coral says that an HOA security guard attacked her as she tried to dirve through the entry gate.

The woman says the gate guard ordered her to get out of her car, and, when she refused, he punched her in the face.

The assault allegedly occurred when an Allied Universal Security guard, Joseph Gold, stopped the mother of two from entering her own community through the back gate.

According to the report, Gold told the woman he did not believe that she was a resident of Sandoval, even though she had ID and a valid driver’s license to prove it. The woman’s two children, age 6 and 12, were in the back seat of the car at the time of the assault.

The mother of the victim, Paula Davis, also a resident of Sandoval, provided NBC2 with a copy of complaints filed by residents against Gold in March of 2018. She’s furious that Sandoval HOA allowed the security guard to continue working for the community.

After the story hit local news, Sandoval HOA announced the termination of its contract with Allied Universal Security. Allied Universal also reports that Gold no longer works for the company.

Unfortunately for the victim and her children, the physical and emotional damage is already done.

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Cape Coral mom says community security guard assaulted her

It happened on October 28 inside the gates of the Sandoval community in Cape Coral.

Tuesday, October 30th 2018, 7:49 PM EDT by Delia D’Ambra

NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

A mother with kids in the car said her neighborhood security guard assaulted her.

It happened on October 28 inside the gates of the Sandoval community in Cape Coral.

The victim said she had the identification proof that she was a resident, but the guard didn’t believe her.

She and her fiance called Cape Coral police after she said the guard, 26-year-old Joseph Gold, dove into her window, punched her in the face, shifted the car in park and wrestled her keys away from her.

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Think your gated community is safe and secure?

Real estate agents and home builders tend to boast that gated communities offer safety and security for their residents. But today’s post proves that’s not always the case.

What could be more unsafe than an unbalanced, angry, or violent security guard –someone with inside knowledge about your community, and someone who knows where you live?

It’s important for housing consumers to understand that security guards are not trained police officers, and they aren’t screened as thoroughly as a public officer of the law.

How much authority is appropriate for private police officers & the communities they serve?

Although some communities directly employ security staff, most HOAs outsource security services to a private company such as Allied Universal Security. And because HOAs are private organizations hiring private contractors, residents are at the mercy of their board of directors to make wise decisions when they choose a security service provider for the community.

Allied Universal Services has a history of employing abusive guards

Any reasonably responsible board would be wise to conduct some reputation research, and to seek out personal references for any of its direct hire or contract employees.

So…did Sandoval HOA check the reputation and references of Allied Universal Security before signing a contract?

It’s doubtful.

After all, it took IAC all of 15 minutes to find dozens of articles and news reports of lawsuits and arrests of Allied Universal employees, for a variety of alleged abusive behaviors.

Although individuals charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty, an overall pattern of aggressive behavior is clear. With the personal safety of residents at risk, HOA boards must weigh the risks vs. the benefits of contracting with a private security service.

Here are some of the most alarming reports about Allied Universal Security, all of which should have raised concerns by Sandoval HOA’s board and community association manager.

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Sexual harassment allegations

For example, in New York City, several former female employees filed sexual harassment complaints against Allied Universal Security and several of its managers managers.

The former female employees say they were sexually harassed, and were even forced to watch managers having sex with subordinates in security booths, while they were supposed to be working.

The former female employees also say that those who rebuffed their supervisor’s sexual advances were assigned to undesirable security posts, and even denied bathroom breaks.

The alleged incidents took place at JFK Airport and the World Trade Center. Port Authority awarded more than $280 million in a four-year contract for security services from 2013-2017.

A Port Authority Inspector General investigation continues.

I-Team: Another Former Security Worker Alleges Culture of Sex Harassment, Says She Was Sent to Rat-Infested Site for Denying Male Supervisor

Port Authority contracted security firm facing sexual misconduct claims

Security guard at JFK was ‘forced to watch coworkers having sex and eventually FIRED because she denied advances by her boss,’ lawsuit alleges

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Attacks on the homeless

Meanwhile, over in Boston, four homeless people pressed criminal assault charges against Allied Universal Security guard, Rene Norestant Jr.

A pending lawsuit alleges that the security guard used physical force — shoving, pushing, and hitting one man with his cane — in an attempt to remove the individuals from the North Station and TD Garden.

The alleged assaults occurred in 2016.

The Boston Globe reports that eight former employees of Allied Universal were told to eject homeless people, encouraging aggressive tactics.

Security company, guard sued over alleged assaults of homeless at North Station 

Hospital patient assaulted

In another violent incident, Allied Universal Security guard Scott A. Wilson, 23, of Greensburg was arrested in 2017 and charged “with neglect of a care-dependent person, criminal attempt, simple assault and harassment.”

Fellow staff members of Westmoreland Hospital (Greensburg, PA) witnessed Wilson aggressively throw a female patient on the floor, and threaten to break her arm, in an effort to restrain her.

The woman reportedly has autism and bipolar disorder, and was admitted for treatment following self-inflicted wounds. Wilson was immediately fired from his position.

Security guard at Greensburg hospital charged with assaulting patient

Public rest rooms bathroom
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Trio of guards assault passenger in Rest Room

Most recently, in June (2018), Denver police arrested three Allied Universal security guards involved in the alleged assault of a passenger in the Men’s Rest Room at Union Station on Wynkoop Street.

According to local reports, James Hunter, 34, and Victor Diaz, 28, are charged with assault, while a third suspect, Taylor Taggert, 27, is charged with being an accessory to the crime, attempting to cover up the incident.

Security Guard Contracted By RTD Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Passenger

2 more security guards charged in alleged Union Station assault

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