On the Commons podcast: your HOA vs. the holiday spirit

In this On the Commons podcast, Shu Bartholomew and I discuss the annual HOA war on holiday lights and decorations. 

Some homeowners associations are killjoys. A few bossy neighbors feel the need to tell everyone what kind of decorations are allowed and precisely when they can be displayed.

How do homeowner respond to this sort of HOA overreach?

Some folks use humor to poke fun at ridiculous rules. If they’re smart, residents will stand in solidarity against their HOA board and management. Other homeowners end up in years-long litigation over a rogue string of lights.

Shu and I also talk about some recent court decisions in favor of homeowners. Plus, find out how the HOA industry is trying to “help” prevent disagreements over holiday displays.

Tune in for all the details, plus a little bit of holiday cheer.

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