HOA condo & co-op news digest (Dec. 15, 2019)

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Condo associations, even high security buildings, are not immune to crime and vandalism; Maine condo owners fight city hall and DEP; Massachusetts Senator files ‘right to dry’ bill; HOA objects to Christmas Vacation decor; Canadian Professor publishes new book about the perils of condo life.


So-called ‘super-glue vandal’ causes thousands of dollars in damage

You just never know what kind of neighbors you’ll end up with in the close quarters of your condominium.

Someone at Horizon House Condominiums in Clearwater vandalized the homes of 4 unit owners, squirting super glue into the door locks of their condos. All 4 victims are reportedly board members of the association.

Board President Edward Schmoll says that whoever did thousands of dollars worth of damage is apparently teed off about a special assessment announced for 2020.

Schmoll says the extra money will cover the cost of repainting the exterior of Horizon House.

Monthly condo fees are set to increase by $300 per month for the next 12 months to pay for the project.

So far, the ‘super glue vandal’ hasn’t been identified. The condo board plans to install some security cameras to prevent future vandalism.


Serial ‘super glue vandal’ is targeting HOA board members after proposed fee hike
One board member got trapped inside home
Posted: 4:26 PM, Dec 02, 201 | Updated: 7:46 PM, Dec 02, 2019
By: Isabel Rosales | WFTS

Woman arrested for sexually abusing minors in condo pool

Do you know what goes on in your community swimming pool?  Naples Police arrested Kirstie None Rosa, a teacher’s aide in South Florida, and charged her with criminal sexual abuse of two 15-year-old boys.

Some of the incidents allegedly took place in the pool at the condominium complex where None Rosa resides. The unnamed condo association provided police with evidence from security cameras placed in the common area.


Fla. Educator Is Allegedly Caught by Security Footage Sexually Abusing 2 Boys, 15, in Condo Pool
Police allege Kirstie None Rosa sexually abused two 15-year-olds
By Chris HarrisDecember 12, 2019 12:30 PM


Condo association endures foul odors from West Harbor Pond siphon

Oak Grove Condominium Association (OCGA) objects to West Harbor Pond Watershed Association (WHPWA) siphoning water from the bottom of the West Harbor Pond, due to the foul odor.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) ordered that the pond be siphoned to reduce high levels of salt water concentration. DEP says the move is necessary to protect the long term health of the pond and the harbor.

Soon after the project began, OGCA tried to stop the siphon. Condo residents complained about the foul smell of hydrogen sulfide as water is extracted from the pond. The condo association asked the watershed association to extend the siphon from 100 feet to 1200 feet, so that water would be discharged farther away from their community.

However, DEP says that’s not necessary, and gave the go-ahead to WHPWA restart the siphon, stating that it poses no threat to health and safety.

Which means that OGCA residents will simply have to put up with the nuisance of foul-smelling water.

The situation might have been prevented, if community members around West Harbor Pond had not deferred maintenance for many years.


West Harbor Pond siphon resumes operation 
By: The Board of Directors, West Harbor Pond Watershed Association
Mon, 12/02/2019 – 10:00am | Boothbay Register



HOA residents fight for their ‘right to dry’

Homeowners and residents in Concord and other cities think they should have the right to save energy by drying their laundry outdoors, on their own property.

As usual, Community Associations Institute (CAI) keeps beating the drum to prevent residents from using clotheslines in HOA, condo, and co-op communities. The trade group opposes a new bill re-introduced  by Sen. Michael Barrett of Lexington.

S. 1169 would prohibit an HOA-governed community from enforcing a rule or restriction that disallows drying of laundry on clotheslines by residents. The prohibition specifically prohibits fines imposed by the HOA.

An HOA would still retain the right to create rules and restrictions on placement of clotheslines, but could not ban them outright.

Oddly, the new state law would also require local governments to put the ‘right to dry’ issue on the ballot, and ask voters whether or not to accept its terms.

If considered by MA Legislature, the bill is likely to be amended and refined, before both chambers vote on the issue.


The Right To Dry Clothes Outside Is Worth The Fight For This Concord Woman
By Cristina Quinn | WGBH Boston
November 20, 2019


Conviction, life in prison, for 2017 double murderer of couple in their luxury Boston condo

The murderer of two high profile doctors has been sentenced to life in prison, without parole.

A jury found that, in May 2017. Bampumim Teixeira, entered the penthouse unit of the MacAllen Building, torturing and killing Boston physicians, Linda Bolanos and Richard Field.

Teixeira briefly worked at the 148-unit MacAllen Building as a security guard employed by Palladion Services. On its website, Palladion describes itself as a “full-service company in the contract concierge and security services industry.”

Previous IAC posts:

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More details revealed in case of double murder at Boston condo

The penthouse unit required a dedicated key to enter. During his brief employment at the MacAllen building, Teixeira apparently gained inside knowledge of its residents and security weaknesses.

According to local reports, Teixeira was not present in court during his sentence hearing. Court bailiffs removed the defendant earlier in the case, after he threatened to harm the prosecutor’s wife.

Family and friends of the slain doctors, still wonder: how did this violent man ever become a security staff member?


Bampumim Teixeira, convicted of killing 2 Boston doctors, gets life in prison without parole
Teixeira was found guilty of the doctors’ murders by a jury on Tuesday.
By Arianna MacNeill Boston.com Staff 10:42 AM

Bampumim Teixeira received two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole for murder
Boston Herald

North Carolina

HOA says Christmas Vacation decor is ‘abnormal’

Another HOA Bah, humbug report comes from the Millbridge Community in Waxhaw.

Shelly Koman and her husband have a great sense of humor. Their family loves the classic seasonal movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. This year, the couple chose to decorate by recreating some famous scenes from the hit movie.

Clark hangs from the roof over their front porch, a string of lights dangling down. Out in the front yard, tied to a tree, the likeness of Cousin Eddie greets passers by. The mannequin is dressed in a white bathrobe, a pair of boots, while holding a can of beer in his hand.

The display is creative, and meant to be funny.

But the HOA isn’t amused. They’ve sent a written notice to the Komans that Cousin Eddie muse be removed, labeling the decoration as ‘abnormal.’ The HOA apparently doesn’t have a problem with Clark, just Cousin Eddie.

Koman says that when she asked if it would be OK to put up a 12-ft tall inflatable Grinch, the HOA dared her to put it up and then ‘see what would happen.’

According to Brett Baldeck of FOX 46, the Koman’s neighbors support keeping Cousin Eddie. And several of them plan to add their own similar displays, in solidarity.


Waxhaw HOA says ‘Christmas Vacation’ decorations need to go
Published December 11, 2019
FOX 46 Charlotte (Brett Baldeck)


New academic book sends condo buyer beware message

This new book, entitled Condo Conquest, is on my reading list. It’s written by University of Windsor criminology professor Randy Lippert.

Read the promo here:

Prof’s book tells a cautionary tale for condo buyers
Oct 17th, 2019 ♦

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