What readers think about HOAs

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By Independent American Communities IAC conducted several online polls for readers, covering issues involving association-governed, common interest communities. The polls ask readers about their experience with HOAs – homeowner, condominium, or cooperative associations. To see reader responses, click on “View Results.” Which of the following circumstances have you – or someone you have known – experienced in a homeowner, condominium, or cooperative association? When it comes to HOAs, which of the following changes would you Continue ReadingWhat readers think about HOAs

Does your HOA prevent you from seeing official records?

[polldaddy poll=10055424] If your homeowners,’ condo, or co-op association (either the board or the manager) has denied allowing you to have access to official records, what explanations or excuses did they make to keep them a secret? Tell me in the comment section below.

Reader poll: Grade your HOA annual meeting

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Reader poll: How common are HOA problems?

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