Reader poll: How common are HOA problems?

By Independent American Communities

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4 thoughts on “Reader poll: How common are HOA problems?

  1. I strongly agree with points 1,2 and 3 above and disagree with points 4 and 5. Clearly most Governing Documents and State Laws regarding condominiums are drafted by industry types who pursue their own self interest while paying lip service to the interests of individual owners. Condominiums tend to attract owners who value non commitment, thus making them likely prey for opportunists and sociopaths. As to point 4, I believe that if owners were better informed consumers and understood what rights are granted them in their governing documents and under their State’ s laws, they could effectively counter the takeover attempts of their individual HOA by contractors and resident bullies and sociopaths. While such owner action is not easy to accomplish, it is doable. As to point 5, consumer activists are usually outgunned by industry lobbyists at both the state and national levels. Such is life in these United States.

  2. Deborah, your site is one of the best on HOA issues!
    I have lived in a large No. CA HOA for 7 years. I’m also a retired healthcare professional. Because of my life-long pursuit of supporting-the-underdog, I have made it my business to learn everything I can about my HOA and about the HOA-Industry. Here are some of the conclusions I’ve reached: (1) HOA laws and regulations favor and are most advantageous to developers, boards, attorneys and legislators; (2) HOA laws and regulations are written so as to [appear] to give homeowners some power, however, in actual practice HOA’s function as protected oligarchies; (3) As such, HOA’s are “set-ups” for those community groups and individuals who have a strong sense of self-entitlement, a strong need to control others plus a lack of empathy for anyone challenging their group or its goals; (4) Homeowners stand little-to-no chance of having any significant impact on individual HOA’s, let alone on the HOA-Industry; (5) A focus on laws/regulations at the State and National levels appears to be the only viable avenue for homeowner-rights and homeowner-equality.
    I very much appreciate the “Reader Poll” you are doing and eagerly look forward to seeing the final results.

  3. Dan, the subject of apathy has not been ignored. But rather than repeat myself, I will direct readers to a previous blog post: What is the root cause of HOA dysfunction? (Hint: It’s not apathy)

  4. There are countless HOA problems and many have been identified and discussed at this site. However, one problem that has been neglected at this site is the role of apathy and ignorance on the part of many Owners. Most Owners that I have encountered haven’t read their HOA Governing Documents and/or don’t understand their Governing Documents, and, therefore, can’t function like informed consumers. This state of consumer ignorance puts such Owners at the mercy of their Board of Directors and HOA contractors, including the property manager and association attorney. If these latter parties are unethical or vindictive, the Owners will certainly suffer.

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