HOA Treasurer, spouse arrested for theft in Delaware

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities



The Delaware Department of Justice recently charged a husband and wife couple with theft of over $20,000 from their HOA.

Jessica McGinnis served as Treasurer of the board at Morningside Village since 2012. According to the Attorney General, Matt Denn, money was diverted from the HOA’s account to that of Jessica and David McGinnis.

Now the association lacks funds to properly maintain its sanitary sewer system.

To put this into perspective, a current listing in the mobile home community notes that HOA fees are $400 annually. According to Sussex County assessor’s office records, there are 89 properties in the community. The amount of the theft is equivalent to annual dues from over 50 homes.

The owners must pay to maintain their private sewage system.



Bridgeville Couple Arrested For Theft From Homeowners’ Association



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