Did pending HOA lawsuit prompt fight that led to fatal shooting?

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


A reader passed along this tragic report of a man by the name of Ronnie Senegal, who was shot and killed by one of his HOA’s security gaurds. Senegal was reportedly engaged in a legal dispute with his HOA over unsafe conditions at the basketball court in Silver Lakes Homeonwers Association of San Bernardino County, California.


43-Year Old Beloved Black Community Advocate Gunned Down in Broad Daylight in California

What happened?
An argument incited between Ronnie Senegal, the store owner’s Son, Tony Maida and Brandon Todd, an x employee of Allied Barton, a security company hired by Silver Lakes Homeowners Association to patrol the community. The argument was over what Ronnie felt was the ongoing corruption and cover up of the dangerous conditions of a basketball court that he and several community members fell and injured themselves on. The Homeowners Association manager reportedly pressured security officers to lie during recent depositions for fear of job loss

A physical altercation occurred between Senegal and Brandon Todd that turned deadly. Brandon Todd, who has a felony in Texas, left the scene after the altercation and retrieved a gun He came back and shot Senegal over 5 times, killing him in cold blood. (Authorities are not sure how this felon was able to get the gun or how he was cleared to work for Allied Barton, one of the country’s top security companies).

Ronnie’s wife, Shirin, found him lying in a pool of blood as she screamed for help that took 25 minutes to arrive. Todd ran from the scene but was arrested the same day and is currently in custody at Adelanto Detention center awaiting trial for the murder of Senegal on 1.9 million bail. The San Bernardino District Attorney’s office has told the family that if convicted Brandon Todd faces 50 years to life but the family is seeking the Capital Punishment for the premeditation.

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I checked out Silver Lake HOA, and found the following posted at their website




Notice that the Association’s insurance company is paying for defense in these lawsuits. This information is required to be disclosed to homeowners in the state of California. Other states do not require proactive disclosure of pending and concluded litigation.

I don’t know all the details. It will take the DA’s office time to sift through evidence and prosecute this case. No doubt we will learn more in the future.

The tragic fact is that a man is dead, and it all began with HOA conflict.



2 thoughts on “Did pending HOA lawsuit prompt fight that led to fatal shooting?

  1. This has not been the first that someone has lost their life due to negligence of a HOA employee, nor the fact that over bearing HOA’s governess who are now hiring bullies (police state) to keep homeowners under control. I truly feel for this family, the issue is that the homeowners within that HOA are paying the insurance company once those funds are gone it could very well bankrupt this HOA. HOA’s I feel, fringe on civil rights granted to every US Citizen, how far is to far the lost of life where does it stop. HOA’s are govern by these outside HOA Management companies to what end certainly not at the cost of life.

  2. May Mr. Senegal rest in peace.

    So sad and unnecessary. How many people will die or have their lives ruined? How long will it take lawmakers and municipalities to wake up and realize that homeowners are simply not qualified to run HOAs? We do not need HOAs.

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