Orlando’s Avalon Condos – No trash collection?

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Here’s another example of a “mature” condo association going downhill fast. For some reason, there has been no trash pickup at Avalon Condominiums in weeks. Residents contacted WESH2 News in Orlando about the situation. Sure enough, cameras show a mountain of trash heaped up surrounding the trash bin and compactor. Disgusting. Obviously a health hazard.

Residents upset over piles of trash at Orlando condo complex


Checking out Avalon Condominium Association’s website, the housing unites were constructed in the 1970s, with many recreational amenities. However, Avalon Condominium Association has a history of distress, with short sales and foreclosures, and many condo owners failing to pay assessments. According to the official website, condo assessments in 2014 ranged from $211-320 per month. It’s unclear why information has not been updated in 2 years, but WESH 2 news reports monthly assessments are currently $400.

It appears that a substantial number of condos are leased to tenants. A local real estate company estimates average list price at $82,000, and average rent at about $1200 per month, for the first quarter of 2016.

Affordable sale prices, but not so affordable assessments. And, as this report suggests, unreliable services and non-responsive management.

Curiously, there is no management company information is available for Avalon Condominiums.

Ironically, a Sept 2014 Avalon Condominium Association newsletter proclaims that residents will be fined for piling up trash. But what are residents supposed to do when no one collects the trash?

And residents wonder, how is their $400 monthly assessment being spent?


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  1. Disgusting and hazardous. Our HOA board chose to replace the vendor that kept our fourteen trash dumpster enclosures clean as part of their contract. Now, it seems, the enclosures are ignored—even by the property manager. Incredulously, the board president opines to be an epitome of common sense. It’s not hard to imagine how these people keep their own houses. SMH

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