IAC Year in review: Top HOA, Condo, Co-op Blogs of 2016

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Independent American Communities
Independent American Communities



As 2016 comes to an end, I want to thank all of you for following Independent American Communities (IAC). Special thanks to those who pass along interesting articles on important issues affecting housing consumers in Association Governed, Common Interest Communities.

You’ve inspired me to publish hundreds of blogs in the past year. There’s no shortage of consumer information, HOA politics and news, and HOA horror stories. It’s my personal goal to “connect the dots” so that readers can begin to see the Big Picture, and gain a deeper understanding of why there is so much dysfunction, corruption, and interpersonal conflict in residential common interest developments.

When we understand how to identify HOA problems, and why they occur over and over again, we’re in a better position to formulate solutions and alternatives, and ways to prevent dysfunction.

Looking back over the year, here are some highlights of IAC blogs you’ve been reading and sharing with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Happy New Year. May 2017 be a year that brings common sense change and restoration of rights for Americans, no matter where they happen to live.


Embezzlement, Theft, and Fraud:

Up to 50 HOAs sue Karen Colie, Marshland Communities LLC

Kornerstone Management firm under investigation for HOA embezzlement in NC

Former Legacy Investment CEO admits theft of $2.5 Million from condo associations


Unreasonable, Dysfunctional homeowners, condo associations:

FL HOA defies state law on solar panels

Convicted! 2 found guilty of HOA election fraud in PA


Construction defects/Deferred maintenance:

Lynnhill Condominiums in Temple Hills, MD, has long history of distress

CT HOA did not disclose crumbling foundation problem

$9.6M awarded to Jacksonville condo owners


Conflict in golf communities:

How will HOAs deal with dying golf courses?

HOA conflict in golf communities becoming the norm


State legislation:

New Alabama law creates state HOA database

Florida legislation would ensure that HOAs can never expire

PA: HOA “Private Community” consumer regulation proposed


Federal housing policy:

What if HOA assessments were tax deductible?

New federal bill HOTMA H.R. 3700: Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act


HOAs and your rights:

How one flag loving SD homeowner outsmarted his HOA

Homeowners’ Associations: 3 facts vs. myths

HOA Lawsuits: a reality check

HOA laws and Free Speech, Right to Know

How did we get to HOA hell?

NJ Fair Housing lawsuit over condo swimming pool restrictions


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  1. Thank you Deborah and the many homeowners who have shared their stories, it is only by the homeowners with knowledge to change the past and current status quote that is at the root of every homeowners who live in a HOA to change the mind set of our State Law makers to truly protect the actual owner and not the HOA industry who lined the pockets of those who are in power to retain that power.

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