Nothern Virginia HOA war over dog droppings

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

What is it about homeowners associations that causes conflicts to spiral way out of control?


This story is just plain wacky. Newgate HOA in Centerville, Virginia, is in the midst of a petty battle over disposal of dog droppings.

According to John Henry of WUSA9, the HOA recently removed every pet waste station in the community. The board apparently did so without warning, and with no apparent alternative plan in place. Now that pet owners do not have waste receptacles available throughout the neighborhood, one homeowner says people are simply not picking up after their dogs, or, if they are, they are simply disposing of bags of dog droppings on the ground.

Apparently, someone at Newgate is so distressed over the situation that he or she has resorted to piling up dog poop on doorsteps or in private vehicles belonging to board members. And the local Postal Service has reported that someone even tried to mail dog waste to an HOA board member.

That’s just sick.

Come on, people. I can understand if you’re frustrated by the lack of communication by your HOA board. But attacking board members with strategically located piles of dog poo is certainly not the way to resolve the problem.


No, I am not making this up. Here’s the report.

Dog waste dilemma unfolds in Northern Va. town

John Henry, WUSA
Feb. 16, 2017

CENTREVILLE, VA (WUSA9) – A Northern Virginia community has found itself in a messy situation and it all has to do with the removal of several dog waste cans.
The Newgate Homeowners Association Board of Directors removed dog waste cans from their Centreville subdivision last month. Ever since then, residents have complained about dog waste being left all over the neighborhood in inappropriate areas.
The HOA’s board of directors noticed some problems after the removal of those waste cans too. It actually sent out a letter last week to residents that claimed people were putting dog waste in the cars owned by HOA board members.
The letter also said someone got so worked up over the HOA’s removal of its disposal cans that the person tried to mail dog waste through United States Postal Service to the home of an HOA board member.

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1 thought on “Nothern Virginia HOA war over dog droppings

  1. “What is it about homeowners associations that causes conflicts to spiral way out of control ?” Given the hygienic/odour/ residual disposal issues, wouldn’t it be unusual if this issue didn’t periodically trigger conflict in compact urban areas. Without an enforced dog prohibition should Fido’s owners dare flush P-bags down toilets ?

    And with waste-handling costs & labour, aren’t we also looking at the Curse of Thrifa ( vengeful 13th century Norse goddess lays a cheapskate mojo perpetually onto condo communities – origin of the adjective “thrifty” ) ?

    Why pick on dogs ? My own rural, totally voluntary/no vires/unincorporated HOA even tried to prohibit leashed dogs in part of the giant waterfront ( bare co-ownership tenancy in common) despite the absence of any rule-making vires within the minimal covenants. Cannot get them to accept they neither have ownership nor governance scope within the covenants either. Nor any indirect governance role nor any need whatever for organized governance. . .

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