Security guard charged with 2nd degree murder in fatal Riverwalk Community Association shooting

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

Investigation reveals Citywide security guard fired 5 shots at Jiansheng Chen, a 60-year old grandfather who spoke very little English

Today’s blog is an update to my previous article on the tragic fatal shooting of Jiansheng Chen, a resident of Riverwalk Community Association in Chesapeake, Virginia.

According to multiple news reports (see below for source articles) Jonathan Cromwell, 21, employed by Citywide Protection Services, has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder in connection with Chen’s death.

Based upon limited information available following an investigation by the Chesapeake Commonwealth Attorney,  Cromwell fired 5 shots through the windshield of Chen’s vehicle, killing Chen at the scene.

Cromwell’s attorney alleges the shots were fired in self defense. Cromwell has stated that Chen tried to run him over with his vehicle.

However, witnesses report hearing a verbal altercation between the two men, prior to seeing Cromwell standing in front of Chen’s vehicle, and firing his weapon. Also, according to investigators, when Cromwell parked his security vehicle in front of Chen’s vehicle – adjacent to the Riverwalk Association Community Center – Chen backed up his vehicle and turned around to exit the driveway back to the main road.

Chen was unarmed, and, according to his family, does not own a gun. It has been widely reported that Chen was merely playing Pokemon Go at the time.

Cromwell testified that he exited his vehicle and shouted at Chen to stop, prior to discharging his firearm. Citywide Protection Services says that their records indicate that Chen and another individual had been previously warned to stay away from the area near the Community Center.

Riverwalk Community Association maintains that its contract with Citywide Protection Services is for unarmed security patrol.

At this point, no explanation has been offered regarding Cromwell’s possession or use of a firearm while on official duty at Riverwalk.

It is unclear why a resident and member of the HOA would not be permitted to temporarily park a vehicle in front of the Association’s Clubhouse.


In case you missed it, here is my previous article:

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Some information about Riverwalk Community Association:

According to this website, managed by Community Group, a subsidiary of Associa, since 1992.

River Walk is a homeowner association consisting of 978 homes, located in Chesapeake, Virginia. The community has a swimming pool, bathhouse, tennis courts, boat ramp, nature trails, footbridges, playground, and an on-site clubhouse located at 701 River Walk Parkway.

River Walk Community Association has been managed by Community Group since 1992 and was named the Central Virginia Chapter – Community Associations Institute “Large Scale Community of the Year” in 1998.

NOTE: Riverwalk Community Association’s website is hosted by the management company, and contains no public statement regarding the incident or the arrest.

Typical of most mandatory associations managed by Associa, residents of Riverwalk must register an email address and a password to access more detailed information about the association.


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Security guard charged with murder of man shot, killed playing Pokemon Go; WCMH-TV Columbus, originally sourced from WAVY news Chesapeake, VA



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