HOAs often do a poor job of maintaining infrastructure

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities



A collection of recent reports from across the U.S reveals a dirty little secret about homeowners associations: over time, residents cannot count on well-maintained infrastructure. 

Crumbling roads. Flooded retention ponds. Collapsed storm sewer pipes. 

All the window dressing in the world will not cover up years of deferred maintenance. In the end, it costs owners more money to repair damage or settle lawsuits that have been created by years of ignoring the basic “bones” of their communities. 

Ironically, some homeowners bought into HOAs because they were under the impression that they are better-maintained than most cities or counties. Others were attracted by a low maintenance lifestyle. But many of thos owners are obviously disappointed. 

Gee, I thought HOAs were supposed to protect and enhance property values. Silly me. 


Potholes growing to unavoidable nuisance in Cordova neighborhood


CORDOVA, Tenn. — Neighbors in Cordova are sick of hitting potholes every day. There are several of them, but no one’s taken responsibility for having to fix them up.

Tiffany Fleming said she’s trapped by them at her house.

“Oh yeah, we are boxed in.”

No matter the day, she’s bound to hit a pothole.

“You can see how narrow the streets are,” she said. “You really can’t get around them.”

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Leland seeks a solution for Magnolia Greens flooding issue

Feb. 3,2017, Wilmington NC Star News Online

The town of Leland has decided to look into flooding issues in the Magnolia Greens area.

By Makenzie Holland StarNews Staff
LELAND — After a heavy rain or storm, Magnolia Greens residents living near retention ponds have experienced flooding, with waters rising in streets, driveways, yards and around homes.

After Hurricane Matthew swept through the area, the issue was once again highlighted, prompting the town to look into the flooding problem. Town staff are in the process of finding an engineering company to complete a study to find a solution, which Town Manager David Hollis said could be costly.

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Lawsuit settlement over collapsed flume/storm sewer OK’d

By Richard Ilgenfritz rilgenfritz@21st-centurymedia.com Feb 17, 2017

Mainline Times (PA)

Lower Merion township officials have agreed to settle a lawsuit with four property owners over the collapse of a storm sewer or flume running under the properties along Rock Hill Road in Bala Cynwyd. Although the agreement means Lower Merion Township will not have to pay for the repairs that are expected to be over $600,000, the Lower Merion School District, as one of the property owners, will have to pay for a portion of the bill.

The issue was briefly discussed and then approved Wednesday night at the Lower Merion Legal Affairs Committee meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

“This is to consider for recommendation to the Board of Commissioners a settlement of a litigation known as Briggs vs Lower Merion Township et al. which the case involves the collapse and repair of a flume extending across several properties on Rock Hill Road in Bala Cynwyd,” Commissioner Joshua Grimes, chairman of the committee, said as he introduced the topic.

Bob Duncan, assistant Lower Merion Township manager, said the collapse of the flume involved four properties along the upper portion of the road near the Wawa at Conshohocken State Road. The site includes one property owned and used by the Lower Merion School. The properties also include the Greenhouse Condominium Association and two smaller properties.

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  1. You would be better off actually renting in an actual apartment complex those buildings in most cases are better maintained than a condo complex will ever be. Plus you would be better coved under state laws as “Tenants Rights” and not as a owner, where the laws again are lacking in protecting any homeowners who lives in an HOA community or complex.

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